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My One Hundred Adventures
My One Hundred Adventures By Horvath, Polly Book - 2008 J HOR Available in some locations

Annotation:Jane is 12 years old, and she isready for adventures, to move beyond the world of her siblings and single mother and their house by the sea, and step into the know-not what. Grade 3-7

The Breadwinner
The Breadwinner By Ellis, Deborah, 1960- Book - 2001 J ELL Available in some locations

Annotation: In Afghanistan, which is ruled by the Taliban, eleven-year-old Parvana must masquerade as a boy to gain access to the outside world so she can support her family. Grade 5-7

Matthew and the Midnight Wrestlers
Matthew and the Midnight Wrestlers By Morgan, Allen, 1946- Book - 2006 J MOR Available in some locations

Annotation:Matthew loves his art class, but he hates trying to find a way home without running into the neighbourhood bully, Big Mike. Later, as Matthew watches his favourite wrestling show, he sees a tag team dressed like artists. It gets him thinking. Grade 1-3

Robyn's Monster Play
Robyn's Monster Play By Hutchins, H. J. (Hazel J.) Book - 2008 J HUT Available in some locations

Annotation:Robyn feels The Raft, the class play, is unfair because it's three roles go to the boys known as the 3"G's. So Robyn starts her own play, The Monster that Ate the World. Grade 2-5

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