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JCLBreAnnaB Oct 10, 2020

The rhythm of romance in Austen's novels is so curious and captivating. Anne and Wentworth's story definitely resonated. The influence of family in matters of love, time gone by that could have been avoided... Another lovely novel by Jane Austen.

ArapahoeKati Aug 04, 2020

I'm continually fascinated by the subtleties of Austen's work, especially how one small sentence can mean so much. Take your time while reading and linger over the pages. I'm so glad I read this and I wish I had read this sooner.

Jan 29, 2020

I see all copies in use - you can easily download this book for free online from Project Gutenberg as it's in the public domain. Love all of Jane Austen's books!

Oct 25, 2019

Anne Elliot, the undervalued daughter of a pompous nobleman, has been suffering from the heartbreak and regret of a broken engagement eight years prior. Young and doubtful of her own judgement, she had listened to those around her and given up the now wealthy Captain Wentworth. But when circumstances threw them together again, she was refilled with hope — could they still have a chance? ⁣

Another great story by Austen! This is a story about class and socioeconomic differences, intellectual appreciation, and the impact of “persuasion,” both between people and within their own hearts. ⁣

I had already read this book two years ago but neither liked it nor found Wentworth special. But this time I fell in love with him! Kind, observant, responsible, valiant, and loyal, he checks all the boxes! Even his pride and initial coldness towards Anne are perfectly reasonable considering she was the one who broke off their engagement.⁣

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This is my third Austen read within the past two months and I’m beginning to spot a pattern. The female protagonists often have embarrassing families but are intelligent and observant. There is always some type of misunderstanding between her and her love interest (of course, otherwise why would they not be together already?) but there are so many different combinations of characters that despite these tropes, it never gets boring. ⁣

The only problem I have with Austen is that her endings are usually wrapped up in neat little bows and people get what they deserve. Of course this is not how real life works, and is the only reason I gave Persuasion a 4.5 instead of a 5.⁣

Feb 14, 2019

Favorite of all Jane Austen novels - this one feels more mature and indeed it was written by Ms. Austen near the end of her too-short life

Jan 11, 2019

Prose. When Frederick Wentworth appears in Anne Elliot's life again, she must face the mistakes of the past to have a second chance at true love.

Oct 02, 2018

As Miss Austen scratches her pen across paper creating the story of Miss Anne Elliot and Captain Frederick Wentworth, her explanatory writing creates a feast for one's soul and nutrition for the mind of Janeite's around the world.

Celebrating the 200th anniversary of Persuasion's publishing (1818 - 2018)

Apr 05, 2018

Eight years ago, Anne Elliot was engaged to be married, but broke off the engagement in deference to the well-meaning advice of loved ones who deemed her suitor beneath her own station in society. Since then, she's been the dutiful daughter, sensible and reliable, but she has never been quite able to let go of regret. A chance encounter reunites her with her formerly betrothed, and though the experience is awkward and his demeanor understandably cold, it stirs in Anne wonderings about what might have been.

Once re-acclimated to the literary style of the period (it's been years since I've read Austen), I quite enjoyed this elegant tale. The copy I checked out from the library was also pocket-sized, which added to its charm.

SPPL_Kristen Mar 15, 2018

Persuasion is the best Jane Austen novel and no one will ever convince me otherwise (because I'm right).

Mar 13, 2018

My 2nd J Austen’s book, felt better than “Pride and Prejudice”. I’m more drawn to her prose style (refreshing in contrast to modern writings) than to the story itself.
Numerous characters interact with each other, caused no confusion but savoring of humor, and an urge to know the consequences. But I was disappointed to learn Mr. Elliot’s true account from Mrs Smith, author’s set up leading to the overdue happy ending (must be anticipated by many readers). I’d believed a powerful ending with another conjugal affair of convenience or pragmatism that would be so unfortunate and devastating that Captain Wentworth finally surrender his soul passion to carnal desire.
Though I’m not sure of ever mingling with mature ladies and fair maidens in Austen Camp, I will become interested in more Austen novels, as the mannerism from that bygone era still elicit romance, timeless, more alluring than the modern version deduced from a similar context (class, title, rank, fame, wealth, property).

bibliosara Mar 11, 2018

Jane Austen is a masterful author. If you haven't read any of her books because you've been told they are full of sentimental schlock (is that a word), don't listen. When it comes down to it, Austen may be known as a romance author, but it is her astute analysis of human reactions, relationships, and society that has made her famous. Persuasion, especially, is a prime example of this talent. One of her more somber works, Persuasion follows Anne Elliott, a young woman with a-let's face it-rather silly family. Apparently all the intelligence and compassion went to her. Yet, we never really hate her family members. Why? Because Anne has the decency to love them despite their flaws, and the intelligence to disagree with them while still maintaining familial peace.
Anne's emotions are deep and complex, and I love reading Austen's books again and again to try and figure out her characters. Anne is one that will take a lot of rereading!

May 01, 2017

I absolutely love Persuasion. I have read all of Jane Austen's completed novels and this is definitely one of my favorites (I love them all though). The characters are so lovable, the dialogue is perfect. Everything about this book is perfect! I love it. A must-read!

multcolib_dianaa Jan 28, 2015

This is such a lot of fun. It features a more adult (but no less thrilling) romance than Austen's other novels, the most enjoyably awful sisters and father that any main character could have, and one of the most compelling love letters in literary history.

At first blush this is a quite dull book: most of the romance occurs before it even begins, and is seemingly over by the first chapter. However, although there are a few bad narrative decisions it is as heartwarming as the rest of her novels, as notable, and as memorable. . . if only you persist.

Jul 21, 2014

This is my first Jane Austen novel, and, to be honest, I chose it first because (1) it was on the shelf at my library and (2) it seemed the shortest. XD It took me a bit of time to get through it, but I really enjoyed it! It's such a wonderful story! Anne is a great heroine who is patient and quiet and very thoughtful, the reserved, sensible type, but she dares to hope that Captain Wentworth could still love her. After all, she's still in love with him, something she'll never get over. I love that. Captain Wentworth, although not the MAIN focus of the novel, is a good match for Anne and seems like a generally pleasing man. I don't know if we ever get a great physical description of him (what color his hair/eyes/skin is, exactly how tall he is, etc.), but that allows the reader to form their own conclusions about him. And anyway, personalities seem to be more important to Austen than looks. The romance was great and not over-played, and since I'm a sucker for happily ever afters that leave me smiling, it was a wonderful read. The supporting cast was great and varied; I especially liked how in the dialogue of Mary and Elizabeth, you can really contrast them with Anne and each other. I will be reading more Jane Austen for sure now. She's won me over.

Sep 23, 2013

Not the most famous of Austen's novels but a story I enjoy reading over and over. It shows the beauty of love sustained over time. I love the inner strength of the heroine.

bkilfoy Mar 28, 2013

Persuasion is rightly deemed the most romantic of Austen's novels. While her satire and sharp wit are still in evidence in her depictions of Anne's excessively vain father, her superficial older sister, and her attention-hog younger sister, among other characters and situations, it is the yearning of Anne for a romance that she realistically recognizes as impossible that is the heart of the novel. As the oldest of Austen's heroines at 28, Anne is sweet and a little naive, but ultimately sympathetic as she longs for the man she let go for all the right reasons. Notable for the most beautiful letter included in any of Austen's novels, this tale of a love thought lost is a thoroughly enjoyable read every time.

Dec 04, 2012

My favorite Austen novel. I love Anne Elliot.

Aug 03, 2012

Beautiful. Anne Elliot's journey was more important than the answers she found. :)

Apr 03, 2012

The language is simply stunning, though the run-on sentences slow it down quite a bit and for most people it's a drag to get through, though for me it was a treat.

Most people complain of it being a slow read, because it only really picks up in the last 20 pages. Much of the book's beauty is in what it implies, and doesn't have written out explicitly.

Nov 15, 2011

better than P and P....:)

May 30, 2011

Oddly enough is my favourite Jane Austen novel. Definitely worth reading, a good story!

Nov 26, 2010

Poor Anne Elliot! Against her better judgement she is persuaded to give up the man she loves, move to a place she doesn't like, visit a sister that treats her like dirt, and be preyed upon by her cousin. And just when she thought it couldn't get any worse, she comes face to face with the fact she may lose her love forever.

ser_library Sep 04, 2010

more than a love story and extremely well written

Sep 04, 2010

not one of my favourite jane austen novels, but still it's a great love story to read.

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