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Oct 22, 2020

As much as I love Michelle Obama, I wasn't that interested in reading this book. However, from the very first word, she had me completely engrossed. I felt like she was sitting across from me telling me about her childhood and about how she became to be not only the First Lady, but also the wonderful person that she is. I admired her before, but as someone else stated in their review, reading this book made me love her even more. Although I have never met her (and probably never will), I feel like she has become a friend.
She writes with such passion and honesty and I'm sure that a lot of her experiences were hard for to write. One passage that really resonated with me begins: "It hurts to love after someone has died." I lost my husband 22 months ago, and it was nice to know that someone "gets it".
Michelle's story made me laugh, cry and wish I was friends with her. My favorite part of the book was her story of meeting President Obama. In that aspect, this book is a very sweet love story. It was nice to see a different side of him, which makes him "human". On another personal note, he was and will always be my favorite President which is why I loved this book so much.
I'm sure there is a lot more I could say about this book, but I will say this; with the risk of sounding like a hypocrite, I didn't really finish it. Honestly, a small percentage of it was a little boring and toward the end I found myself skimming the chapters. But I stand by my review; it's an excellent book and an insight to someone I admire even more for having read it. Actually it made me want to read more autobiographies (both political and not), and perhaps write my own.

Oct 07, 2020

Have you ever wondered what books from the 21st century will become “classics”? Michelle Obama’s memoir, Becoming, might be a contender. Michelle’s story embodies the many adversities that modern women and minorities are facing whilst showcasing the expanding roles and jurisdiction that women and people of colour have in society. In the Book, Michelle recounts her turbulent journey from a low-income family in the South Side of Chicago to the White House. Despite Michelle’s extraordinary accomplishments, many of her aspects of her story will likely mirror your own. Like many of us, Michelle dreamed of university, a successful career and parenthood. She had arguments with friends, struggled to find her own identity and purpose, and most importantly, liked cheese sandwiches. Michelle’s words provide extensive insight into the lasting effects of racism, the power of education and they encourage readers to drive positive change. I certainly reaped the benefits of reading Becoming; after reading the book, I felt more informed on race and gender inequality, and more importantly, I had gained a strong female role model. Michelle’s story is one that should not only be read by young women, but by all seeking to better understand our society. 5/5 stars
@ReadingGOAT of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board

Sep 22, 2020

16 CDs for an audiobook! It took me and my boyfriend to Milwaukee in Wisconsin, twice to Carmel in Indiana, one road trip to New York, and a day trip to Lexington to finish the entire book! She "witnessed" our relationship developed during pandemic. My boyfriend is planning to propose (I guess). Could it be the restaurant in Chicago where Barack proposed to Michelle?

Sep 04, 2020

Loved this! I listened to the book on CD which she narrates herself, which adds a whole other dimension to her story. I’m an even bigger fan now than I was before. Highly recommended!

ChinesaR_KCMO Aug 31, 2020

In her autobiography, Michelle Obama offers a unique perspective on what it is like to live under the constant scrutiny that comes with living in The White House. She details her early life in Chicago's South Side, her life at Princeton and Harvard, and her time at a law firm where she met a young man named Barack. She speaks frankly about the struggles of living in the spotlight, of how her desire to support her spouse clashed with her dislike of politics. Free of the scrutiny of being the current First Lady, she lets free her true opinions on the people she worked alongside and the issues she faced. I definitely recommend this book to anyone.

Aug 07, 2020

Becoming is a Nonfiction book by Michelle Obama about her childhood all the way until her time in the white house. I was surprised that MIchelle met Barack Obama working at a law firm called Sidley Austin. What I found inspiring is that Michelle Obama grew up in the south side of chicago, known to have high crime rates. She then went from the southside of chicago and went all the way to Harvard; a very prestigious law school. I enjoyed this book and would recommend this book to middle schoolers interested in Michelle Obama's life. I found this story inspiring as I want to get into law when I grow up. I feel a new sense of respect towards the Obama's

Jul 31, 2020

A memorable read worthy of sharing and discussion. The words of Mrs. Obama are especially relevant and meaningful in this election year!

IndyPL_DeborahM Jul 20, 2020

This is a thought provoking book. It is very inspirational, detailed, and personal with an insightful view of Ms. Obama's life as First Lady plus life in the White House. It is a must read.

Jul 16, 2020

I'm so happy to have read Becoming. I loved every moment of it, at times feeling very emotional and at others laughing out loud! There was so much I didn't know, like Michelle deciding she would NEVER be interested in Barack romantically when he lit that first cigarette! And then Barack's belief that marriage was pretty much unnecessary - leading right up to the moment of his hilarious (yet romantic) proposal. I loved reading about how Michelle and Barack balanced each other out: the meticulous, punctual planner and Mr. Laid Back.

I wish I could wave a magic wand and bring them back to the White House. They did so much good for this country as they strived to unite the Red and the Blue. What Michelle Obama did for children is something I will never forget. And what President Obama managed to accomplish, even though he was fought every step of the way by the Republicans, was truly inspiring. There were so many positives, which are now being undone just because President Barack was the one who accomplished them. There were parts that made me very angry, like when I read about Mitch McConnell vowing to do everything in his power to make sure Barack was a one-term president. It boggles my mind. Where does that hatred come from??

Michelle Obama's mantra is "You belong. You matter. I think highly of you," and I love that so much. That made it even more difficult for her to hear Trump vowing to build a wall to keep the Mexican "rapists" out of the USA.

Like President Obama says: "You may live in the world as it is, but you can still work to create the world as is should be." Wildly different from Mr. "I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything."

Ending on a positive note, the background involving living in the White House was utterly fascinating and sometimes funny. (Who knew the president and first family had to pay for their own food ... and TP?)

I highly, highly recommend this book to one and all!

Jul 08, 2020

Conversational in both tone and content, Michelle Obama's Becoming is a memoir that was mesmerizing, heartbreaking, and highly informative; it was a read that delved deep into the former first lady's life. I really loved hearing her thoughts and reflections on key events in her life. Mrs. Obama exudes a wisdom so seldom seen. I listened to the audiobook and I was struck by how easily I was absorbed by her voice and how captivating she can make her life stories. I especially loved how she recounted her courtship with Mr. Obama, namely her highly unusual proposal. I also thought it did a great job of illuminating her inner most private thoughts during one of the most impactful presidencies our country has ever experienced.

Jul 05, 2020

Down-to-earth, dedicated, passionate, driven--this is my takeaway after reading Michelle Obama's autobiography. She's a humanitarian at heart, and I'm blown away by how easily and naturally she advocates for others; this is her way of making the world a better place. I loved especially the peeks into her relationship with her husband (oh, that marriage proposal!), her girls, and her inner circle. An eye-opening and human view into her life. I'm so very glad to have read her story. She makes me feel like I can and should do more. 4.5 stars

Jun 22, 2020

Michelle recounts her time growing up on the South Side of Chicago as she shares the joys of her childhood as well as some of the tough things. She was a feisty child, driven to do well in school.
She speaks lovingly of her roots in this working class family - her parents and her brother and grandparents and how their values shaped the adult she would become. We witness the grief she experienced over the loss of her father and her continuing admiration and love for her mother who was tenacious in seeking a good education for her children. In this memoir, she is so open and honest and it feels so intimate. Michelle shares her love for her husband and daughters. She speaks about the discrimination against the men in her family, about being black at Princeton, about the attacks on her husband’s citizenship, a conspiracy theory primary pushed by the person who unfortunately followed Obama after his second term. We discover who she is in the times she is undergoing a self discovery, as she questions her aspirations, as she juggles work and motherhood as Barack’s involvement and aspirations in politics grow. It felt so intimate as she shares some personal struggles that they faced.

The things she chose to focus on as First Lady - children and their health, assisting military families, developing a program for mentoring young women reflect the things that are important to her and the kind of person she is. With an intellect such as hers, she easily could have taken on larger policy issues, but instead focused on children and families bringing people into the White House who would not have had the opportunity to be there if not for her. This book is over 400 pages and it never felt long. The writing is good and I just kept turning page after page always interested in what she would say next. A remarkable story of a remarkable woman.

Jun 12, 2020

awesome book! she is such an amazing woman!

May 25, 2020

Yep, totally superficial. Feel sorry for me is the message I got through and through. Awww she's had such a hard life. Poor baby.

May 23, 2020

Such a person like president of the USA and the first lady will always be an interesting topic for a book. The way the book is written is smart, felt sincere and enjoyable to read, like the historical genre adopting popular genre - dense yet light.

May 13, 2020

A very heartfelt and intelligent memoir by the first ever African-American First Lady. She lets us see how both her inborn nature (organized, driven to succeed) and her parents’ nurturing (dignity, self-reliance, fairness) led to her successes as a lawyer, a mother, a wife and as the First Lady. I was surprised to learn a lot about Barack Obama as well in part 2 – his intense focus, his haphazard lack of tidiness, his compassion, his doting father role to his young daughters. Michelle details in part 3 the many causes she took on during her eight years as FLOTUS. (My only negative comment is that the book would have been just as effective had it been 50 pages of anecdotes lighter.
Halleluiah, these are good people! Good role models for this crazy world.

May 11, 2020

I unexpectedly enjoyed this book. I thought it would read more like a textbook but it truly was a narrative. I found Obama's writing easy to digest and genuine. I also have to applaud her for the epilogue. I don't follow politics closely, especially American politics. This wasn't so much about that though but life. Michelle has a strong voice as a woman, a woman of colour, a mother among other lenses. I laughed, I cried and I felt hopeful. I would recommend this book to anyone. Especially white men. The only reason that I took a half star off is that I won't re-read this book.

May 04, 2020


May 03, 2020

I surprisingly enjoyed this book. Becoming takes you through the life of Michelle Obama from humble beginnings, to a career in law, and eventually the First Lady of the President of the United states. There are a lot of powerful insights to be pulled following her lead, with the difficulties in both race and class as she grows and encounters many common issues. She paints a wide picture as the story grows of the size of the community and their significance and a strange comfort of small voices can be heard as well with enough work and effort.

There is something oddly comforting about her relationship with her husband that really draws how human they all are as we can often forget that people are more complicated and relatable than their positions. In masterfully doing this it sets you there with them as they go through the steps of what publicity would often take and warp the reality how we perceived them. You get to understand as it goes on just how this system works, why it doesn't work at times, and how we have made a lot of strides but were still not quite there.

Despite the issue of imagery, Michelle refuses to lower her voice and brings to the table utilizing her newly found fame to attacking issues close to the heart. Her actions are weighed heavy by expectation. She exercises creativity in her given position and its honestly admirable the lengths she goes through to get a job done. This book has its fair share of wit and humor peppered in that make the tempo of the story engaging throughout and is just an all around interesting ride.

Apr 17, 2020

Exceptional. Highly recommend.

Mar 25, 2020

This book is captivating and inspiring to its core. It gives us a broader vision of Michelle Obama and Barack Obama for the society in general and how passionate they were about the work that they did. She talks about every sphere of her life -the core family values, the society she was raised in, the friendships she had with different people in different phases and how much they taught her.She talks about the insecurities and self doubt she often found herself in when doing great things which she knew would have an impact on her life and everybody else's life. An amazing story to own and tell to encourage young people especially first generation college goers to be confident of themselves and to dream big and work with a bigger purpose in life. Honestly there are no other books i can relate this to as it was so personal. I loved it and recommend it because of how raw it was.

Mar 15, 2020

Thought it was pretty superficial

liljables Mar 03, 2020

I don’t think I have to explain who Michelle Obama is, right? I will tell you that Michelle Robinson was born and raised in Chicago, grew up in a small apartment rented from relatives along with her older brother, and worked her ass off to get into Princeton, followed by Harvard Law. She went on to practice law at a prestigious firm in Chicago, which is where she met a young man with a funny name. I won’t reveal any more, but I will say that Becoming takes you all the way from Michelle’s early childhood to the end of her tenure as First Lady, with many twists along the way.

I will freely admit that of this book’s three sections (Becoming Me, Becoming Us, and Becoming More), Becoming Me was my favourite by a mile. Obama writes about her childhood with such fondness and warmth, while painting an honest, not always flattering picture of what the South Side of Chicago would have been like for a young black girl. She acknowledges often how lucky she was in every step of her schooling and early career - to find the right mentors, who introduced her to the right opportunities, which set her on the path to success. Many of the programs Obama later established were specifically designed to help the kids who didn’t get those lucky breaks, no matter how hard working they (and their parents) might be.

The third section, Becoming More, was fun to read in that voyeuristic, peeking-behind-the-curtain way - this part of the book spans the Obamas’ two terms in the White House. It was really just the middle section, the narrative of Michelle and Barack’s relationship pre-presidency, that didn’t grip me as much, but I understand that it was necessary to the narrative as a whole.

Overall, Becoming is well-written and highly readable - I’d happily pick another book by Michelle Obama should she write one!

Feb 26, 2020

Read Feb 2020. A very “down to earth” family concerned with future generations.

WOW, WHAT A WOMAN! Extremely well written and easy enjoyable reading . Don't even need to say 'Highly recommend' as I had to wait ages to borrow it and there is still a long wait list. In my own commmunity Michelle's book is very well spoken about by those who have read it and others wanting to read it, envious of those who already have. Michelle Obamas family are a true gift to this world.

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