Finding Nemo
Finding Nemo Blu-ray Disc - 2016 | Collector's edition., Widescreen edition.

As an ocean creature enthusiast (especially aquatic mammals), and even though I'm very much an adult, I'll probable be forever smitten with this movie. The visuals (animation, characters, and backgrounds) are stunning, and the story is very sweet, in spite of a few moments of potential heartbreak, which Disney always seems to include, even though it can be tough for smaller kids to experience. I suppose we tend to appreciate positives more when faced with negatives. That and a story has to have a hero and a villain to keep it interesting. That was a little deeper than I intended to go with this comment. Anyway, I highly recommend this movie. I have bought it a couple of times (DVD and Blu-Ray, back when I upgraded my player).

"Just keep swimming."

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