Bitter A Taste of the World's Most Dangerous Flavor, With Recipes By McLagan, Jennifer Book - 2014 | First edition.

Bitter, which received a James Beard award for food writing in 2015, takes a dark but colorful journey through the varieties of bitter tastes that different world cultures have prized. With pages that alternate succulent photography, highly creative recipes, and short essays on specific foods, aspects of taste and the experience of food through all of our senses, and culinary histories, McLagan explores the universe of bitterness: wild greens (separate from arugula and Brussels sprouts) to grapefruits and walnuts, coffees to bitter spirits and Amari, even cardoons and celery. The final chapter delves into the "forbidden" bitter flavors of tobacco and, of course, chocolate. Expect your lips to pucker and your taste buds to water as you peruse this otherworldly compendium.

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