Summary and Analysis of Thinking, Fast and Slow
Summary and Analysis of Thinking, Fast and Slow Based on the Book by Daniel Kahneman eBook - 2017

I browsed. I find within the frontier of human mind all science and technology exist. That is one reality, doable and findable. The second reality not known or don't know how to be aware of it is to do with 'beyond the mind'. Only when the mind is let go of its iron grip another natural flowering opportunity opens up, we call l this Psychic, Intuition, Supreme Wisdom, Qi Mana etc. This is boundaryless vista from wherein the past, present and future are retrieved effortlessly, very much like ICloud but without any paying and storage. It is is in this realm that Great saints and Avatars prevail to cure, to diagnose, to do miracles that defy all that is known to science and engineering. IT is not a cult, not magic but true possibility. This book is operating within the domain of mind and its conditioning, we get trapped by its own biases and limitation, not able to get out although strenuously strives. Modern Science suffers from this incurable disease, unless one sees it, it cannot be found out,only then escape possibility arises by itself!
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