You Don't Have to Drive An Uber in Retirement
You Don't Have to Drive An Uber in Retirement How to Maintain your Lifestyle Without Getting A Job or Cutting Corners By Lichtenfeld, Marc Book - 2018

This book is laughable for anyone with even a basic understanding of risk management. In retirement, individuals have a limited pool of money, and putting it into stock picking, or risky investments as suggested by the author, certainly raises the possibility of a future diet centered around Kibbles and Bits. The sad reality is that if you do not have a company pension plan, and/or have not saved enough to support your retirement, you will have no option other than to continue working. Period. There is no magic wand, book, seminar, blog, or singular investment to recover from a lifetime of poor money management skills, unexpected health crisis, or monetary setbacks. CPP, OAS, and GIS may help some to the poverty line, but this book ain't gonna do it. The information is very American in nature, and as such, focuses on the high costs of health care coverage, which thankfully, for us Canadians, is covered. The author does make a compelling argument as to why reverse mortgages are a brutally bad idea. Presently, with almost 70% of people having the bulk of their net worth tied up in home ownership in Canada, and with less than 30% having a company pension, and with under 100 K in savings, this will not end well for many.

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