The premise of the story is plausible and fascinating. Unlike The Orphan's Tale, however, the characters are never fully developed. At no time did I feel any real insight into the women who were based on real characters. Perhaps one problem is that the author had never been in a life-threatening situation herself and could not describe the true reactions of the women's bodies. And to let them make stupid decisions, ones they were trained not to make, was inexcusable.

It is still a good read because the story itself is really amazing--that the British were able to put women on the ground as part of the resistance in France is chilling and brilliant. But, and a big but, these women needed REAL, visceral reasons for going. Better pay does not work...especially when one of the lead characters leaves a small child at home.

The author has proved she can write a mesmerizing novel and perhaps she rushed through this one. It could have been much more than it is.

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