Schoolkids talk about a murder that supposedly took place at Uncle Jonathan's house. And we see a flashback scene of Isaac Izard casting an explosive spell that leaves him lying dead on the floor. That explosive moment spatters a bit of Izard's blood on the pages of a book. Izard also magically shapes a special key that's said to be made out of human bones.

In the course of the movie, several magical events threaten Lewis, Uncle Jonathan and Mrs. Zimmerman. In one of them, a room full of inanimate automatons comes to life, with the beings grabbing the protagonists and throwing them out of the house. Several jack-'o-lanterns come to life and snap at the good guys, spewing quick-drying pumpkin goop at them. Uncle Jonathan and Mrs. Zimmerman smash the pumpkins with various weapons and magic blasts. Twenty or so books come to life as well, swooping in like bats on Lewis, who's lying prone on the floor. Their bookish attacks lacerate his hands with papercuts.

At school, Lewis and others get thumped around during a basketball game, and Lewis gets punched in the stomach by a bully. Lewis is also locked in a cage and magically suspended over many swords with their blades pointed threateningly toward him. Elsewhere, two people are hit with magical blasts before falling from a high platform and disappearing in the gears of a giant clock.

A topiary griffin snarls and charges at Mrs. Zimmerman. She slips away just outside the reach of its snapping teeth. As part of his warlock studies, Lewis gathers up a fistful of electrical energy and accidentally zaps a magically animated chair, which sends it yelping into another room.

Four uses of "d--n" and one of "h---." People also exclaim "good lord," "blasted" and "my god!"


A magically enhanced hedge that's trimmed into the shape of a griffin is the focus of several toilet humor gags as it blasts leaves and feathers out of its backside. Several other toilet-humor giggles involve Uncle Jonathan's need to urinate.

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