Berlin Station
Berlin Station Season One DVD - 2017 | Widescreen edition

We'll transfer you to Poland and you'll fly out from there.
- And go where?
United States of America.
- Fxck that.
It's the best we can do.
-United States not safe, okay? Too many guns, too many GMOs, plus Chinese spooks everywhere.
One last question. Where am I going to live in the United States?
-Scottsdale, Arizona.
What's in Scottsdale?
- The desert.
Ugh. You know, I burn real easy.
-Enough. This is not open for negotiation. Look, Germany has a population of, what, 80 million? The U.S 300 million. Where do you think you'll stand a better chance of staying hidden?
Between her legs.
Everything arranged at the drop-off point?
-Yes, ma'am. Everything ready and waiting in Beijing.
--Beijing?! What the fxck?! You said I was going to United States!
I lied.
--You cannot send me back there. The moment I step foot on Chinese soil, they take me to labor camp and I die.
If you're lucky.

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