Berlin Station
Berlin Station Season One DVD - 2017 | Widescreen edition

Wasn't it Thomas Jefferson that said something about needing a rebellion every now and then?
-That's one way to look at things.
That is the only way to look at it if you want to get through it, pal.
Tell me about your day.
-I lost a co-worker. Puts me in a little hole on a project we started together.
You'll pull it off. I have confidence.
-That makes one of us.
Hopefully, he lied for us, like a good agent.
Define "uneventful."
-I arrived, we talked, we had tea, and talked some more. I left.
Bora, this is a debriefing. It's not a dental appointment. What did you talk about?
-Politics, faith. His wife was there.
They didn't reveal anything? There was no sense of hidden agendas on their part?
There were no overtures to get you to help them? Just a nice invitation to tea?
-That's it. It's, um, tradition in Islam, you know?

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