Night School
Night School DVD - 2019 | Extended cut.

Yep, but you also have dyscalculia.
-Discalcu... I don't even know how to pronounce that.
Basically, it's like dyslexia but with math.
You are just one big, beautiful mixed drink of learning disabilities.
-So I'm not dumb?
Boy, I was just playing when I said that earlier. No good teacher would ever call their students dumb.
-Okay. So, how do we fix it?
Let's talk solution. Well, there's no cure for what you have.
-Oh, my God. I got learning herpes?
Boy... There is no such thing as learning herpes.
-I'm blistering up. It's 'cause I'm trying to think.
Carrie, please, no more learning. My brain is at capacity. I want to be a dental hy-enist, not Elon Musk or Stephen Hawking.

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