The Deficit Myth
The Deficit Myth Modern Monetary Theory and the Birth of the People's Economy By Kelton, Stephanie, 1969- Book - 2020 | First edition.

Kelton, with all her degrees and religious like fervor for academia, is nothing more than another blue heart liberal minded, big government, high tax, high spender. She claims all U.S. gov’t debt being bad is a merely a myth. There is nothing harmful or wrong with these deficits. In fact, she claims, they are good! What folly! Like all dems / libs, she thinks there is no limit on how many dollars the U.S. gov’t should print in order for her lib politicians to use to buy votes. While she admits there should be a limit to how many dollars can be printed without causing harmful inflation, she fails to define what those limits might be. Even worse, she obviously doesn’t really believe there should be any limits! If her ways were practiced, we’d be paying $50 for a loaf of bread, $200 for a tank of gas, etc., while inflation would continually run amok.
She very incorrectly suggests that merely because our FED can print dollars at will and then purchase U.S. Gov’t Treasuries without limit, it should. She hates Trump and is very jealous of all of his accomplishments in only 3 ½ years of his Presidency. All of his good-for-the U.S. trade deals with foreign gov’ts, all of the jobs he has brought back to the U.S., all of the increased employment for all demographics, all of the growth in numbers of private sector jobs, the improvement in the military, etc., etc., could never have happened had her advice been used. She will go down in history as another frustrated liberal academic whose foolish ways have always proven to be wrong.

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