The Calculating Stars
The Calculating Stars Lady Astronaut Series, Book 1 By Kowal Mary Robinette eBook - 2018

I was over-hyped on this one. For 'feminism meets the space race', it was so, so, so much of a picture of the inside of a woman with a severe anxiety disorder's mind. What got me to read the series was the fantastic premise, of which roughly 1% of the book mentions. I wanted to read about the fallout of the meteor hit on human society, I wanted to read about a woman conquering the space race, both things I thought were the main antagonists of the story. Nope, the main antagonist is her fear of public speaking and not being a 1950's good wife. It was like she was living two lives. All her actions and random events took her down the women are strong path, but all her thoughts hold her back from that path. It was hard to read someone do that to herself. Oh, and many awkward sex scenes.

Jaseryx's rating:
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