An nice, quiet, old-English read about proper courtships, everlasting love, & rekindled relationships. Our main character reiterates to the reader that she cannot be persuaded to marry a man just so she'll have somebody to take care of her, just so she won't be a lonely spinster. She tells us that being a single woman is not synonymous with being lonely or weak or unwanted. For some women, it is a sign of a strong woman that knows what she wants & won't take 2nd best. In the end, her patience pays off & she gets the man that she has so long loved. I don't mind ambiguous, sad, or frustrating endings, but it is nice to read a story with a classic happy ending once in a while.

Age recommendation: 14 & up (old English writing)

On a scale of 1-10 stars, I give it 6.

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