Red Glove
Red Glove By Black, Holly Book - 2011 | First edition.

How could I sum up Red Glove in one word? A-crazy-awesome-thrill-ride-sequel-to-White-Cat. Needless to say, I had a major freak out when this arrived in my mailbox not too long ago. How fast did I read it? In two days. Why did it take me that long? It took longer to process the awesomeness. As you can probably tell, Red Glove was a great read that is now one of my favorite YA books.

The cover of Red Glove is very intriguing. It makes you wonder what sort of situation it is. Is the cover model in trouble? Who's wearing the red glove? I really love how they tie the cover into the story and how the cover actually has connections to the story. I like how it matches the paperback version of White Cat and how it has the mysterious curl of smoke rising from the glove that was also featured on White Cat. My favorite part of this cover would have to be that red glove though. Where can I get a pair?

The characters in Red Glove grew quite a bit from their White Cat younger selves. Cassel grew in the fact that he was smitten for a girl that he couldn't be with due to the circumstances. Sam and Daneca grew as well, as a couple and as singular people. Sam's growth came because Cassel's friendship with him grew and Sam became more daring than before and actually aided more often with Cassel's cons. Daneca had some pretty huge secrets revealed that flipped others on their ears in shock. The other smaller characters in Red Glove included the feds, who were constantly trying to recruit Cassel and the mob, who were too trying to recruit Cassel. I loved the cast of characters for Red Glove for many reasons including how well they fit into their setting and how likable they were as a whole. I would also like to point out that I fell for Cassel in White Cat and he lost none of my adoration in Red Glove, so back off, he's mine. :)

The writing was my favorite part of the book. Holly Black is an amazing storyteller, as she tells the tale with sharp twists and turns, zigs and zags. The writing is so powerful and unique that it keeps the reader on the edge of their seat and can make the reader feel emotions ranging from devastation to joy or anywhere in between. Plus, Red Glove doesn't try and tip toe around death as many stories do, rather it's in the story and is used to enhance the storyline rather than bring it down. The storyline was so enthralling that I never wanted to put the book down. I got so wrapped up in the fast paced story that I felt as if I was a part of the story rather than just a reader looking in. I personally just adored the writing style and the storyline to death because both were so unique and well done. The story itself was just as good as White Cat, if not better and it was very much just as awesome altogether.

Red Glove was just as phenomenal as the last book, White Cat. It proved itself to be a very well thought out thrill ride of a book. It was one of my favorite YA books I've read in a while and for that reason it gets a 5/5.

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