Red Glove
Red Glove By Black, Holly Book - 2011 | First edition.

“Red Glove” continues the storyline of “White Cat” and ratchets up the level of danger considerably. Cassel Sharpe is involved in a murder mystery, bribery from the mob to join them, extortion from the feds to aid them in their investigation and fighting the temptation to make love to a girl who’s been cursed to love him. Oh, and he’s flunking physics. Life’s never easy for teenagers, is it?

Filled with nail-biting tension and excitement from its various plots, counterplots, scams, cons and pressure from peers, family and vicious strangers, this is one thoroughly engrossing series. I found myself pulled into admiring Cassel Sharpe, even when I didn’t want to (ah, the art of the con), and rooting for him to succeed against insurmountable odds.

Ms. Black reminds us what it means to be a good, no, “fantastic” storyteller, building her fictional world step by solid step until you can’t help but be pulled into it, mesmerized by the strength of her characters, the plausibility of their actions and the workings of the world around them. I’m looking forward to reading the continuation of Cassel Sharpe’s “education”.

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