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ODSC West 2018 (Open Data Science Conference)Streaming VideoInternet Access
ODSC Europe 2018 (Open Data Science Conference)Streaming VideoInternet Access
Hands-on Kubernetes and Docker for Distributed ApplicationsSchenker, Gabriel NicolasStreaming VideoInternet Access
Applied Data Visualization With R and Ggplot2Dalla Villa, ChrisStreaming VideoInternet Access
Kotlin EssentialsKhan, ZanisStreaming VideoInternet Access
OpenCV 4 Computer Vision With Python RecipesJaved, Muhammad HamzaStreaming VideoInternet Access
OpenCV Computer Vision Examples With PythonA Complete Guide for DummiesNelson, AbhilashStreaming VideoInternet Access
ODSC East 2018 (Open Data Science Conference)Streaming VideoInternet Access
Solving 10 Hadoop'able ProblemsLelek, TomaszStreaming VideoInternet Access
Hands-on Version Control With GitRoy, BibhashStreaming VideoInternet Access
Conquering GitAdvanced Training GuideCalò, IgnazioStreaming VideoInternet Access
Docker for the Absolute BeginnerHands-onMannambeth, MumshadStreaming VideoInternet Access
Docker Swarm, Services and StackHands-onMannambeth, MumshadStreaming VideoInternet Access
Learning Elastic Stack 6.0Shukla, PranavStreaming VideoInternet Access
Kotlin, Tips, Tricks, and TechniquesHenshaw, NigelStreaming VideoInternet Access
MongoDBThe Complete Developer's GuideSchwarzmüller, MaximilianStreaming VideoInternet Access
Kubernetes on the Cloud and the CNCF CKA CertificationStreaming VideoInternet Access
Kubernetes Design Patterns and ExtensionsKrist, StefanStreaming VideoInternet Access
Building Advanced OpenCV 3 Projects With PythonMunshi, RiazStreaming VideoInternet Access
ODSC East 2019 (Open Data Science Conference)Streaming VideoInternet Access
Open Source Data Pipelines for Intelligent ApplicationsBader, KyleeBookInternet Access
CassandraThe Definitive Guide : Distributed Data at Web ScaleCarpenter, JeffeBookInternet Access
Kubernetes OperatorsAutomating the Container Orchestration PlatformDobies, JasoneBookInternet Access
IBM Tape Library Guide for Open SystemsBeiderbeck, RoberteBookInternet Access
Turning Petabytes of Data From Millions of Vehicles Into Open Data With GeotabHoffa, FelipeStreaming VideoInternet Access
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